Meet the Emirati sheikh on a mission to save the world’s bees

Sheikh Salem bin Sultan Al Qasimi is a man on a mission to save the honeybee.

The avid beekeeper, who has been interested in the insects since he was a child, has set up numerous companies over the past few decades in the beekeeping industry.

But he has now consolidated them into one, called OneHive, which he hopes will become a global ambassador in the project to save bees from extinction.

“My interest started when I was young,” Sheikh Salem, who is also the chairman of Ras Al Khaimah International Airport, told The National.

“I liked bees and had a passion for them. My father used to bring hives from the mountains for food. So the connection started there and later on I got into this industry.”

His company produces and sells honey produced from the nectar of the sidr tree, wildflowers, ghaf tree and even mangroves.

But its primary purpose is to ensure the survival of the bee species.

“Our main focus is to educate the young generations about the importance of bees and their survival and how we can sustain them, especially with the challenges we have in the area with the hot weather, the scarcity of water and all these things,” he said at Abu Dhabi Agriculture and Food Security Week, where his company is exhibiting.


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