Winter Camp

AED 0.00

Duration: 4 Days
Fee: AED 1000 / Person
Language: English / Arabic / French
Age: From 6+
Location: Hatta

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About the Camp:

  • ACT1 Introduction to bee world
  • ACT2 Bee biology
  • ACT3 Pollination
  • ACT4 Beekeeping 101
  • ACT5 Beehive Products
  • ACT6 Honey Extraction


  • Children will understand the bee biology and colony castes
  • Will learn more about pollination and different pollinator
  • Each child will plant a tree and have it under his name
  • Children will learn about team working and solidarity
  • Connect with mother earth
  • A certificate of junior beekeeper will be provided at the end of the camp.