Mission, Vision & Our Values

Our Mission

What lies in OneHives’ core is, raising awareness and engage the public through our products and services, sustain the bee population in the UAE, promote local products and improve beekeeping techniques and products.

Our Vision

OneHive was founded with a passionate desire to take part in the United Arab Emirates’ sustainability vision. The company aims to promote the preservation and conservation of honeybee populations and support healthy diets by offering ethically sourced, natural, and high quality honey products.

Our Values


At OneHive, we believe it is our responsibility to raise awareness for the honey bee by educating and engaging the public through our products and services. Our Honey Bee Garden & Discovery Center is a key component of our responsibility to nature through its unique setting of exploration and education regarding the honey bee and its role in our ecosystem.


We create value for people through our best-in-class suppliers, partnerships, network, and holistic operations. Our employees and customers are at the heart of everything we do, so we take steps to ensure they will be encouraged, nourished, and cared for at every level in sustainable ways.


Our commitment to sustainability extends far beyond our beekeeping operations. At OneHive, we firmly believe in the power of education and awareness to foster positive change. Through meaningful partnerships and comprehensive educational initiatives, we empower individuals and communities to understand the pivotal role of honeybees and other pollinators in advancing biodiversity, promoting food security, and achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.


We integrate innovative techniques and products into everything we do including the creation of honey-based nutrition, beauty and health products, apiary equipment, education, research and development, ecotourism, legislation, and advocacy. Although we are constantly working to innovate and improve, we never forget our roots or heritage.


We are dedicated to being a brand the community can rely on. By communicating what our brand is doing, and following through with those statements, we consistently prove that we are a brand you can trust.