OneHive Corporate Hive Sponsorship Program

Small Investment – Big Impact

Our corporate hive sponsorship program enables your company to engage locally with global environmental challenges.Your commitment supports the bees directly in their natural habitat and immediately secures their future.

More than Sweet Returns

Supporting bees allows companies to showcase their commitment to biodiversity and sustainability. Bee projects are a fantastic way to engage clients, employees and stakeholders and is an all natural contribution to corporate social responsibility.

The OneHive Corporate Hive Program creates experiences that allow employees to uniquely engage with bees, agriculture, each other and their workplace

Through a carefully cultivated workshop experience incorporating a hive tour and honey tasting, participants learn the workings of the hive and challenge themselves to incorporate its lessons into their personal and professional lives. At the same time, they come to understand the environmental and economic impact of pollinators and how they and their organization together are part of the solution.


Maintaining healthy and productive honeybee colonies is an essential skill for anyone interested in raising bees domestically or working professionally in the beekeeping field. Following the British Beekeepers Association (BBKA) curriculum, we have dedicated our efforts to training future beekeepers to practice sustainable beekeeping. Through this program, we renew our commitment to taking part in our country’s sustainability vision by promoting the preservation and conservation of the UAE’s honeybee population as well as raising awareness of the value of honeybees as a vital part of our ecosystem.