About Us

OneHive, led by H.H. Sheikh Engr. Salem bin Sultan AlQasimi, is a beekeeping socially responsible company and a leading advocate of sustainable apiculture within the beekeeping community in the UAE. Since our inception, our primary focus has been to reconnect people with nature and educate them about the vital role of honeybees.

Aligned with our mission, we are committed to actively collaborate with a diverse range of stakeholders to raise awareness about the significance of bees for food security, ecosystem health, and the importance of their conservation. Over the past years, we have successfully established long-term partnerships with governmental entities and independent associations, with the aim of positioning the UAE as a global center for carbon-neutral and eco friendly initiatives. These strategic alliances have enabled us to reach millions of individuals, spreading our vision for preserving the global honeybee population.

At OneHive, we embrace innovation and integrate cutting-edge techniques and products across our operations. This includes the development of honey-based nutrition, beauty, and health products, as well as advancements in apiary equipment, education, research and development, ecotourism, legislation, and advocacy. We invite you to join us on this journey towards a greener, more sustainable world. Together, we will embrace the beauty of nature, support local communities, and ensure the wellbeing of our precious honeybees.