Queen Bee Rearing Station

Driven by an unwavering vision of raising awareness about the significance of bees and safeguarding their population, OneHive embarked on an extraordinary endeavor in 2017, establishing the GCC’s first queen bee rearing station. This sanctuary stands as a beacon of innovation and sustainability, serving as a nurturing haven for a diverse collection of queen bee breeds sourced from around the globe. Among them are the Saskatraz, Saudi, Omani, Yemeni, Carniolan, Italian, and Buckfast breeds.

Through a meticulous and scientific approach, our station’s primary objective is to breed and nurture queen bees that embody vitality, productivity, and genetic diversity. This significant milestone serves as a resounding testament to our steadfast commitment to fostering sustainable practices and promoting the vital importance of beekeeping as an essential contributor to the wellbeing of our planet.