At OneHive, we are dedicated to providing not only the best honey in the world, but also education about the honey bee, innovative techniques and products for the honey bee, and sustainability for a better tomorrow. We love the honey bee for its wonderful honey, but also for the crucial role it plays in our ecosystem.

Our honey is sourced from 4,000 separate beehives throughout the UAE. We pride ourselves on preserving the role of the honey bee through our innovative techniques and products used throughout the process of caring for our honey bees and harvesting the honey. Our sustainable practices allow us to protect the earth while nurturing the life that lives on it.

We believe in transparency, responsibility, innovation, and empowerment. OneHive is dedicated to maintaining partner and consumer trust through our transparent acts and commitments. We are dedicated to the responsibility of our ecosystem through our innovative beekeeping and our Honey Bee Garden & Discovery Center. The Honey Bee Garden is our way of being responsible with our knowledge regarding the honey bee through the sharing of information and engagement. Our Discovery Center is perfect for families with children over 3 years of age to learn and engage with the world of the honey bee. We believe it is our privilege empower the people around us to live their best lives in harmony with nature.

Feel free to contact us with any questions or explore the links below. We are happy to talk honey!

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