Beekeeping Novice Course

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Duration: 7 Days (4 days Theoretical & 3 days Practical)
Fee: AED 2200 / Person
Language: English / Arabic
Location: Al Barari, Nature Escapes, Dubai

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4 Sundays and 3 field trip

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This program not only educates but also inspires participants to start their own beehives and effectively manage them. Through this educational experience, you will gain the expertise required to establish and nurture thriving beehives while contributing to the preservation of these essential pollinators.


Participants will be able to:
  • Set up and manage beehives.
  • Implement proper hive inspection and maintenance techniques.
  • Identify melliferous plants and elaborate a strategy plan for the season.
  • Prevent, identify, and treat bee diseases.
  • Produce high-quality honey and other bee product.
  • Understand the importance of pollination and contribute to improved crop yield.
  • Engage in sustainable beekeeping practices that benefit the environment and local communities.
  • A certificate will be handed by the end of the program to each participant.